Geomagnetic storm “lit” the sky in South Zealand

This week, a geomagnetic storm of the G2 class literally “lit” in the skies of both poles of the Earth magnificent aurora borealis. Minoru Yoneto witnessed the southern polar lights in Queenstown (New Zealand).

Joneto said that he took this picture on September 11 during his tour with a program to observe the starry sky. In the photo, Joneto managed to capture one of his clients, who watches the reddish polar lights, the Southern Cross, the Great Magellanic Cloud and the Milky Way.

Polar lights appeared after the stream of solar wind reached the Earth on September 10. This caused outrage in the magnetic field of our planet, which led to magnetic storms, which lasted more than 12 hours. Ahead – a new stream of solar wind (and new auroras!), Which should reach the planet on September 16 or 17.

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