Germany drafts law to give people the legal right to work from home

Employees in many parts of the world are now much more familiar with the intricacies of remote work than they were at the beginning of this year. In Germany, about 40% of people wanted to work from home at least some time before the outbreak of the pandemic.

And the country has been considering initiatives since early 2019 to get companies to allow employees to work from home. The country’s labor minister told the Financial Times that the bill will be published in a few weeks.

Hubertus Heil said in an interview that the law will provide employees with the opportunity to work from home whenever possible.

And crucially, there is a plan to strengthen workers’ rights and create clearer boundaries between personal and work life.

This is a problem that worries many people after months of work from home caused by the crisis. One study from before COVID-19 found that the world’s population is positive about working from home – 98% said they sometimes want to work remotely.

But a recent IBM study found that while executives believe their firms have succeeded in managing the transition to new ways of working, employees do not always agree to new working conditions.

Many feel exhausted and only 46% think that the organization they work for is doing enough to help them be well.

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