Giant plankton blooms in the North sea

Huge phytoplankton blooms have bright swirls decorate the North sea in photos taken by satellites.

The first photo is dated June 12. On it — the spring plankton bloom East of the Shetland Islands in natural color. This sea saw the satellite “Landsat — 8”.

Second, panoramic photo, made satellite “Aqua” a day later. We see plankton bloom “in the context of the” surrounding waters. “Spring blossom spread here and in areas of the North Atlantic to the West of the place of shooting” — according to the Earth Observatory of NASA.

Phytoplankton — rastenievodstva microscopic organisms that grow through photosynthesis. Plankton produces oxygen and serves as a critical food source for marine life. When sunlight heats the upper layers of the ocean where these microorganisms live, in the seas and lakes around the world grow a huge flowering. Microorganisms take place in the base of the food chain for some whales, jellyfish, shrimp and other marine creatures. Sometimes flowering are toxic and harmful to animals that eat them.

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