Giant “portals” in the sky: mysterious Fallstreak holes

The world of celestial phenomena is full of mysteries and amazing natural phenomena. One such phenomenon is Fallstreak holes, which look like giant “portals” to another dimension. These bizarre clouds attract attention with their enormous size and unusual shape. However, despite their frightening appearance, these Fallstreak holes are perfectly safe and pose no threat.

Plummet holes are caused by an airplane passing through mid-level cloud cover. These clouds contain “supercooled” water droplets that have not yet had time to freeze at temperatures below 0°C (32°F). When an airplane passes through these clouds, it brings with it ice crystals that cause the droplets to expand and cool. This process pushes the droplets over the edge of the cloud and freezes them, creating a large break in the cloud cover.

Fallstreak holes can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but most often they are round or elliptical in shape. They can continue to expand for hours after the aircraft has passed as neighboring drops continue to freeze. This gives the impression that the hole is an entrance to another dimension.

It is interesting to note that drop holes are not a rare phenomenon and can occur at any time of the year. They are caused by commercial jets passing through cloud cover. Therefore, the best place to see one of these holes is an airport.

Such natural phenomena have always attracted the attention of scientists and researchers. One of the experts studying Fallstreak holes is Prof. Alexander Higginson, a renowned specialist in atmospheric phenomena. He believes that these holes represent a unique opportunity to study cloud processes and atmospheric conditions.

“Fallstreak holes represent an amazing phenomenon that allows us to better understand how clouds form and what processes occur in the atmosphere,” says Prof. Higginson. “Studying these holes is helping us to expand our knowledge of weather and climate.”

Historical evidence suggests that the first mentions of fall holes appeared in the early 20th century. Back then, the phenomenon was of particular interest and surprise to scientists. Since then, much has been studied and discovered in the field of atmospheric phenomena, but Fallstreak holes still remain a mystery.

Modern research shows that Fallstreak holes can be not only bizarre clouds, but also some other forms. For example, in 2016, a phenomenon called a “sea hole” was spotted in Australia. It was a huge cloud in the shape of a round hole that appeared over the sea and aroused a huge interest of scientists and nature lovers.

So, Fallstreak holes are an amazing phenomenon that attracts attention with its mysterious appearance. They are the result of airplanes passing through medium-level cloud cover and represent a unique opportunity to study atmospheric processes. Despite their frightening appearance, these holes pose no threat and are not often encountered in our daily lives.

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