Global super epidemic can start in the metro

Metro is not only a convenient mode of transport, but also poses a potential health threat. This conclusion was reached by specialists from the German Institute Hans Noel and their colleagues from the University of Hong Kong, reported on July 31, Die Welt.

According to scientists, it is in the metro that a global super epidemic can begin, because bacteria on the handles, seats and doors of the subway are a source of pathogens.

The results of the samples collected by researchers from the palms of people who often use this mode of transport showed that among the numerous bacteria living in the metro there is Helicobacter pylory, because of which a stomach ulcer can start.

Microbiologists also warn that a large number of dangerous bacteria are constantly mutating, with some antibiotics assisting this process, the Zvezda television channel reported.

Scientists express fears that antibacterial therapy against infections can soon stop working, as the immunity of microorganisms to drugs increases.

As noted in the article Science Translational Medicine, recent studies have shown that bacteria have developed resistance to alcohol, which is the main component of most disinfectants. Therefore, to combat them, medical institutions may need new substances.

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