Global warming confirmed images of the glaciers of Patagonia to the ISS

Photographing in the framework of the Uragan experiment presented in the blog of the Russian space Agency working on the ISS by cosmonaut Alexei Ovchinin proves that global warming on Earth continues.

“Through our work it became clear that global warming is, alas, not a myth. And one of the main indicators of climate change of the planet with glaciers. In the framework of the Uragan experiment aboard the International space station is actively monitoring the glaciers of Patagonia. Images taken aboard the Russian segment of the ISS, the analysis of the dynamics of melting glaciers,” wrote Ovchinin.

According to him, “Hurricane” includes the study of natural resources, environmental monitoring, study and forecasting of natural and man-made disasters.

“Thanks to the participation of astronauts in this experiment are intelligent shooting: the astronauts carry out object selection, time and time of photographing, can instantly adjust assignments according to the instructions from the Earth and even taking pictures suddenly spotted the fast phenomena, and this cannot be achieved in the automatic shooting mode with satellites”, — concluded Ovchinin.

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