Global warming: myth or reality?

The Scientific Council of the Russian Academy of Sciences on complex issues of Eurasian economic integration, modernization, competitiveness and sustainable development came to the conclusion that the human factor may not be so significant in the issue of global warming.

It is widely believed that industrial carbon dioxide emissions are the main source of global warming. According to the Paris Agreement of 2015, each of the countries that signed it is obliged to reduce carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. However, a number of scientists in Russia believe that the original idea of ​​signing an international agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere was pure PR campaign of American politician Al Gore. They argue that such agreements are aimed at taking the planet’s energy under the control of certain entities in order to give them levers of influence on the economies of different countries.

One of the causes of global warming may be the degassing of the Earth and the decay of the potassium isotope. Leonid Bezrukov, Chief Researcher of the Institute for Nuclear Research of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, speaks about the hypothesis of ocean and Earth surface warming due to the radioactive decay of the potassium-40 isotope. He claims that the power of its heat flow is about 1 watt per square meter, which is much more than the anthropogenic influence on the atmosphere.

The theory of the Soviet and Russian geologist, doctor of geological and mineralogical sciences Vladimir Larin about the metal hydride composition of the Earth, due to which it expands with the release of hydrogen and other gases, can also be the cause of global warming. The decay of the potassium isotope, which, according to Larin’s version, should be quite a lot in the composition of our planet, is the very energy that starts the processes of release of deep gases.

Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences, Leading Researcher at the Geological Faculty of Moscow State University Vladimir Syvorotkin notes that hydrogen is one of the main natural gases that destroys the ozone layer on the planet. Therefore, the degassing of the Earth and the release of hydrogen can also be the cause of global warming.

Thus, scientists of the Russian Academy of Sciences came to the conclusion that the degassing of the Earth and the decay of the potassium isotope can decisively influence global warming. However, this does not mean that the human factor does not play any role. For example, carbon dioxide emissions are still a significant source of global warming. In addition, other factors must be taken into account, such as solar activity, changes in the Earth’s orbit, etc.

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