Global warming worsens infant health

Global climate change affects babies’ health.

This was reported by the scientific journal Nature Sustainability, publishing an 11-year investigation by a joint team of British and Brazilian scientists.

Representatives from Lancaster University and the Osvaldo Cruz Research Institute reportedly examined fertility data from 43 highly river-dependent municipalities in the state of Amazonas in Brazil.

They compared how the amount of rainfall during a woman’s pregnancy affected the weight and height of the child and concluded that extreme weather conditions lead to premature birth, resulting in babies who are underweight or stunted.

According to the researchers, the decrease, on average, in the body weight of babies was almost 200 grams.

Scientists believe that bad weather, in particular the extremely heavy rainfall in the Amazon, causes flooding in rivers, leading to waterborne diseases, and also creates ideal breeding conditions for mosquitoes, leading to outbreaks of malaria or dengue fever.

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