Gold artifacts in Antarctica: a mystery hidden under the ice

In 1998, Russian researchers in Antarctica made an amazing discovery – strange artifacts similar to yellow hair or threads were found in the ice, which turned out to be made of pure gold. Laboratory studies allowed to conclude that these artifacts are of artificial origin and more than 20 thousand years old. In 2002, American polar explorers also reported finding gold threads in an ice core 22-24 thousand years old. These artifacts raised many questions among scientists and researchers.

However, the source of origin of these gold fibers is still a mystery. How they ended up in the ice of Antarctica and by whom they were created is one big mystery. Scientists exclude the possibility that the artifacts were created locally, as in those days in Antarctica there were no longer any conditions for the production of such products. The question arises – who and where could have created them?

Among the artifacts discovered were dural rods and molybdenum balls less than 1 millimeter in diameter. Engineers who studied the samples concluded that these finds were of man-made origin and were nothing more than nanotechnology products. Given the age of the ice in which they were found, about 30 thousand years, the question arises – who and how could create such small and complex objects?

To date, information about gold artifacts in Antarctica is extremely scarce. However, in 2018, Henry Pope – a retired American polar explorer – spoke about the follow-up research in the region where the amazing discovery was made. He stated that in 1992, he and his colleagues saw with their own eyes a black triangular object with no lights or portholes soar upwards from the water near the shores of Antarctica. It quickly rushed deep into the continent at a height of 3-4 kilometers. The polar explorers reported about it to their leadership, but received a reply not to make any more such comments.

Henry Pope believes that there may be an advanced civilization in Antarctica, and the presence of a huge layer of ice and snow is a protective barrier that prevents humans from interfering with the activities of these creatures. He suggests that whether they are aliens, Inovremians or just a civilization parallel to ours, their technological development is far superior to ours and therefore it is not worth it for mankind to meddle where they are not asked.

If there really is an alien base or city in Antarctica, humans will never be able to reach them. The lesson has already been taught to us, just remember Operation High Jump, during which Captain Byrd was forced to abort the mission because of the numerous losses of the U.S. Navy battle group of ships that went to “conquer” Antarctica. This clearly indicates that curious explorers will not be allowed to penetrate the mysteries of Antarctica.

The mystery of the gold artifacts in Antarctica remains unsolved. Perhaps in the future, new research will pave the way to solving this mystery and help us understand what lies beneath the ice of the coldest continent on Earth.

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