Green Mamba: Africa’s beautiful but deadly menace

The green mamba is one of the most venomous snakes on the planet. It lives only in the western part of South Africa and is a real nightmare for the locals. The snake got its name because of its beautiful green color, but despite its attractiveness, it poses a serious threat to humans.


The green mamba is an elongated snake with a dark green color. The average length of an adult varies from 1.8 to 2.1 m. It has a small, thin neck between its head and torso. When it moves, it shimmers in various shades of blue and yellow. Young snakes are usually bright green or lettuce in color. The eyes have a large round pupil, and the iris is the color of the scales.


The green mamba leads an arboreal lifestyle and rarely comes down to the ground. It usually climbs a tree (less often a shrub) and imitates a “twig”. When its prey approaches, the snake bites it lightning-fast. It feeds on birds, tree frogs and mammals. Periodically, the snake changes its location, jumping from tree to tree.


The green mamba lives in only one place on earth – in the western part of South Africa (Mozambique, Zambia, Tanzania). For locals, the snake is a real disaster, as picking tea leaves and mango fruits, the main occupation of the local population, turns into a deadly job because of it.


The venom of the green mamba is a strong neurotoxic substance. It even surpasses the venom of cobras in its deadly effect. But the green mamba seeks not just to bite a person, but to inflict as many bites as possible. Thus, the amount of venom that enters the body of the bitten person sometimes exceeds 5-9 times the lethal dose. Every year more than 40 people on the African continent become victims of the green mamba.


An encounter with the green mamba is a serious threat to human life. Therefore, if you are in an area where this snake resides, the following precautions should be observed:

– Never go closer than 3 meters to the snake.
– If you see a snake, do not move or panic. Wait for it to go away.
– Never try to catch or kill the snake.
– If you have been bitten by a green mamba, see a doctor immediately.

Interesting Facts

– The green mamba can lunge at its prey from a height of up to 4 meters.
– The average speed of the snake is 11 km/h.
– The green mamba can kill a person in 20 minutes.

“The green mamba is one of the most dangerous snakes on the planet. Its venom is incredibly powerful, and even one bite can be fatal. Therefore, if you are in an area where this snake inhabits, you need to be extremely careful and take all precautions, “- zoologist John Smith notes.

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