Hairdressers will be trained in virtual reality

It is known that courses can do interested in the improvement of skills barbers a lot of money. A high-tech alternative proposed by L’oréal could change this situation and at the same time, make learning more fun. The French cosmetics company has joined forces with the manufacturer of the VR-software 8i, and created a new course in virtual reality for the so-called Matrix Academy, a training program for beginners L’oréal stylists.

The joint efforts of the two companies have developed a fascinating form of learning, where students in a special VR room get the opportunity to walk and observe the characteristics of virtual stylist from any angle of view. They can also take on the role of a Barber to get the experience first hand. It sounds so much more impressive than just viewing educational programs on YouTube, isn’t it?


Before entering into a partnership with L’oréal, the company 8i faced with problems of modeling the hair, especially curly. But together they managed to find a way to solve this problem. 8i uses mobile cameras and automated software to record the work of real hairdressers with models, and then creates a holographic image. The results, according to VentureBeat, are three-dimensional photorealistic recording, which was presented recently at the festival of Fast Company Innovation.

This is one of many possible uses for virtual reality beyond pure consumer applications. The company gradually begin to use the powerful potential of virtual reality. For example, a British financial institution recently decided to conduct interviews with potential employees by offering them to perform certain tasks in virtual reality. At the initial stage of the new curriculum L’oréal on the basis of virtual reality will be available in 25 field Matrix Academy in the United States of America, but in the future cosmetics giant plans to expand this program worldwide.

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