Handprints left on the rock in ancient times, made by reptiles.

In 2002, ancient handprints were discovered at the Wadi Sura II site in the western desert of Egypt, which turned out to belong not to humans but to reptiles. This exciting discovery attracted the attention of the world scientific community and raised many questions about the origin and significance of these mysterious footprints.

Not only handprints, but also drawings depicting wild animals, human figures and strange headless creatures were found on the rocks. This indicates that these prints were not made by chance, but had some significance to ancient humans or reptiles.

One of the most surprising aspects of this rock art are the outlines of tiny palms set inside the outlines of a larger pair of hands. This indicates that the reptiles that left these footprints had some anatomical features different from those of humans.

Research conducted by anthropologist Emmanuel Honoré of the MacDonald Institute for Archaeological Research compared the ancient palms with images of the hands of human embryos at different stages of development. The results of this comparison showed that the probability that the handprints in the cave belonged to humans is very low. This supports the theory that the footprints were left by reptiles.

In addition, the arrangement of the tiny hands and fingers indicates that the palms themselves were flexible. These aren’t just drawings made with red clay, they’re silhouettes. Someone put the palm of a reptile and circled it, thus creating these mysterious prints.

Despite the research done, scientists still cannot explain how the reptiles left their prints next to the human ones. This gives rise to many hypotheses and conjectures. One possible theory suggests that reptiles and humans may have had some contacts in the past that turned out to be important for both parties.

However, further research and analysis of other archaeological findings is required to get definitive answers to these questions. Only then can we get closer to unraveling the mystery of ancient reptiles and their relationship with mankind.

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