Have found braised beef in the Chinese tomb age of 2000

The vessel with partially remained ancient remains of stewed meat was found in a tomb of the Chinese grandee buried about 2 000 years ago in the period of the Warring states.

The grave is in the Province of Henan, near the city of Sinyan (in the past the territory of the state of Chu). The Chinese authorities keep location of a tomb in secret for safety reasons.
Vessel from Yanshao in the Province of Henan, similar to in what 2000-year braised beef was found. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The remains contain bone volov, meat and other ingredients though in messages on the Internet it isn’t told about them. Existence of bones induced archeologists to conclude that it was soup or ragout from beef.

In short article about a find on the Global Times website of China it is said that together with the dead in a grave often put their favourite products that they could feast in afterlife.

Other similar finds relating to an extreme antiquity are also mentioned in article including:

• A pot with soup from a dynasty period lotus root Han (206 g BC –220 g AD) in the Province of Hunan in the tomb “Mavanduy”.
• Pelmeni from a tomb of the period of a dynasty of Tan (618 g-907 g AD) in the Tourist’s fan of the Xinjiang region.
• About 26 liters (6,87 gallons) of ancient alcoholic drinks in the city of Xian of the Province of Shaanxi.

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