Healing depression: how to regain the desire to live

Depression is a condition that can last for years, leaving a person in an endless nightmarish swim. Only a vague hope and fear of doom motivate one to move with the last of his strength. The symptoms of depression are endless dulling pain, a belief in the meaninglessness of life, and chronic fatigue. However, there are keys to getting out of depression.

Suppressed fear is the root of depression

One definition that can be given to depression is repressed fear. Fear is the most acute emotion that is so unpleasant that the psyche displaces it. It has a defense mechanism–it stores the intolerable experiences in the unconscious, just to hide them from itself. However, in the unconscious they do not disappear, but continue to live an independent life. And this suppressed fear in the depths of the soul is depression. It continues to sound a dulled pain, which remains the main symptom of depression.

Open-ended fear has the property of burning out in a matter of minutes, rarely hours. If meaningful supports are threatened, as in war, the fear can last up to a few days. Then it decays and goes away for a long time. And repressed fear can last for years, without feeling it. It only leaves a muffled pain, which can roll around in the psyche for a lifetime.

So the first key to getting out of depression is the return of fear. As strange as it may sound, you must not be afraid of your fears! By suppressing fear, a whole layer of the soul is lost, where desires and vitality remain. When you uncover your fear, desire returns, and with it the taste for life.

Self-absorption is another symptom of depression

Our worldview has a way of pretending to live “in general. We mistake our ideas about reality for reality itself. What does this lead to? Personal boundaries seem to be the boundaries of the whole universe; small personal dreams seem to be the only chance in the universe for happiness.

Therefore, you cling to the next lover with a dead grip. Without him, life is “empty” and “meaningless. However, this is a popular misconception. Depression is often caused by failed relationships.

Life is infinite. There are billions of people. How do we know that only one holds the key to our happiness? We don’t know the whole of life. We think of life as a narrow rut fenced in by our fears. Such an infinity compressed to the size of an apartment. And beyond that, an empty space. That’s how you mistake your fears for the walls of the world.

So how do you regain the desire to live?

To begin with, you need to understand that depression is an illness, not a weakness of character. It is a condition that can be overcome.

1. Find the strength to go to a psychotherapist. Psychotherapy is a treatment for depression that helps you return to a healthy mental state.

2. Engage in physical activity. Exercise helps to improve your mood and relieve stress.

Change your daily routine. Try to go to bed and get up at the same time, eat correctly and regularly.

4. Develop your hobbies and interests. Find something you like and do it regularly.

5. Avoid alcohol and drugs. They can worsen depression and cause even more problems.

6. Don’t forget about social support. Communication with friends and relatives helps a person to recover.

7. Try not to think about the past and the future. Live in the present, enjoy the moment.

Depression is a condition that can be overcome. It is necessary to find strength to go to a psychotherapist, do physical activity, change your daily routine, develop your hobbies and interests, avoid alcohol and drugs, don’t forget about social support and try to live in the present.

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