Healthy and healthy food in the modern world does not exist

In today’s world, there is no healthy and safe food. This is clearly seen in the case of ordinary oat flakes.

Bad news for all those who like to eat flakes and bars with different grains in the composition. Examination revealed in the above products the presence of glyphosate. This is a dangerous herbicide, which is used to combat weedy grass.

As part of the experiment, 45 varieties of oat products of various brands were tested. As a result, glyphosate was present in 43 of them. Scientists report that the health risk from using the toxic chemical glyphosate was intended to be hidden by Monsanto. People are simply bullied, while profiting and making fabulous profits.

As early as 2015, glyphosate was recognized as a carcinogenic herbicide. Recent studies show that the level of its presence in oat flakes and cereal bars many times exceeds the permissible standards. Although ideally, this substance should not be at all in food. It is not necessary to feed illusions about that. that if you eat oatmeal or cereal for breakfast. then your food is healthy and safe.

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