Highly intelligent people are slower to respond to complex problems

A study of 3,000 participants found that people with high IQs, as opposed to those with average IQs, spend more time on complex tasks. However, they are more accurate and have a higher success rate.

Scientists believe this is because people with high IQs spend more time analyzing and processing information before answering, while people with average IQs rely more on intuition and heuristics.

Some experts also point out that people with high IQs may feel more pressure to solve complex problems, which can lead to longer response times.

Although people with high IQs may spend more time on complex tasks, this does not mean that they are slower at communicating or doing everyday tasks. On the contrary, they may be more productive and successful because of their ability to analyze and process information.

The study also suggests that training and coaching can help improve the ability to solve complex problems in people with average IQs.

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