Hiroshi Ishiguro created the android Ibuki

The famous Japanese robotics Hiroshi Ishiguro presented his new creation – the android Ibuki, which was created to communicate and help people. Ibuki is still at the stage of finalization, but already now it can demonstrate some of its capabilities.

Recall that Hiroshi Ishiguro is a brilliant Japanese engineer who has already created several robots, including a humanoid similar to himself, and replacing Ishiguro during many lectures.

A robot can be anyone, for example, a pop star. Robots-androids are beautiful, they never get tired and can perform hits without stopping. Ageless androids will help us always remain young, “said Ishiguru in one of his interviews.

The new creation of Hiroshi Ishiguro is a miniature robot of Ibuki with the face of a small boy who can move on four wheels. The growth of the robot is only 120 centimeters, weight – 37 kilograms. The inventor said that he made a robot in the likeness of a 10-year-old child.

The robot frame is made of materials such as carbon and plastic, and the face and hands are covered with latex to create the closest resemblance to the skin. Engineers are still finalizing Ibuki, but already now he can move forward on four wheels with a special joint at the waist.

His movements resemble human, but because of the slight rocking this effect is slightly lost. The robot’s body contains a total of 47 engines, allowing him to smile, hold things with his hands with five fingers and move his hands.

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