Homo aquaticus: Ichthyandrous humans

The depths of the ocean have always attracted man with their mystery and unknowability. However, while science fiction writers dreamed of man’s conquest of the world’s oceans, military departments had long been preparing for underwater warfare. Their interest in creating amphibious humans capable of living underwater was unheard of.

The first amphibian man was American combat swimmer Francis Faleyczyk. He underwent a series of operations, after which his fate became the deepest secret of the U.S. Naval Department. But it was not only in the United States that such experiments were conducted. Countries such as Russia, Italy, Israel and Japan have also kept research and analysis of experiments that could help humans explore the depths of the seas and oceans.

The famous ocean explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau stated back in 1962 that the dream of humans to live underwater and on land could become a reality. He suggested that for this purpose it is necessary to implant into the human body a miniature device capable of supplying blood with oxygen. The first experiments on monkeys were planned for the 1970s, and on humans – in the 1980s. According to Cousteau’s calculations, by the beginning of the XXI century, amphibians should have already inhabited some seas.

However, to date, the world public knows nothing about underwater colonies or individual human amphibians. All programs and experiments on creation of people-fishes were carried out under the aegis of military and special departments in strict secrecy. Information about these projects is completely unavailable.

Captain First Rank George Bond, head of the U.S. Navy Medical Research Laboratory, said that a man with artificial gills would have fantastic capabilities, including diving to depths of up to 3.5 kilometers. However, there is no information on what research Bond based his claim on. Perhaps there are secret laboratories where unique operations on transplanting gills to humans are carried out.

And although no one can calculate how many books and movies have been created about amphibians, one thing is for sure – interest in this topic is not dying out. Maybe in the future we will learn more about those who are able to live in the depths of the ocean and overcome its obstacles.

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