How cooking fatty foods affects the weather

British chemists have found that fried and fatty foods can affect the weather. An article on research scientists from the universities of Reading, Bristol and Bath, published in the journal Nature Communications.

As the researchers note, air in megacities (for example, in London) by 10% consists of evaporation, appearing when cooking fried foods. After conducting a laboratory experiment with salt water and oleic acid, the scientists found that the molecules in their droplets combine into crystal lattices capable of absorbing moisture.

The authors of the experiment assume that these particles have a noticeable effect on the weather: penetrating into the air through windows or hoods, they attract moisture, contributing to the appearance of clouds.

“It is very likely that these structures affect the assimilation of moisture in the atmosphere, increase the lifespan of the molecule and, on the whole, slow the movement inside the drops, but the consequences of these processes should be investigated,” said the associate professor of the Department of Physical and Atmospheric Chemistry University of Reading Christian Frang.

Scientists emphasize that while research was conducted only in the laboratory. If street experiments confirm laboratory observations, in the future this discovery can help in the fight against global warming.

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Prof g v rao

Indeed it is a fact that in ancient Hindu texts of India called Vedas, Bhagavad Gita, it is clearly mentioned that burning ghee , cow milk fat, in fire sacrifices using hymns produces clouds and it brings rains

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