How do technologies help to survive the unprecedented heat?

This summer in Japan marked an unprecedented heat. Overheating and related complications have had unfortunate consequences for at least 65 people. Thousands turned to hospitals for help. The weather anomaly responded with lightning speed to entrepreneurs, designers, designers and authorities. In particular, an exhibition was organized in Kyoto, which was dedicated to technologies that help to survive the heat.

One of the exhibits is a jacket with an internal fan. According to the developers, it will save a person from a sunstroke. After the battery is turned on (on the jacket), the fans start blowing air outward, so that the sweat evaporates and the body cools. The jacket is mainly designed for people working in the open air, NTDRussian reports.

And the company Fujita Road Construction offers to apply on asphalt, concrete and other road surfaces a special substance that reflects ultraviolet. As a consequence, the temperature in the adjacent layers and at the surface is reduced by 10-15 °. It is also proposed to be used during the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo at the main stadium and in the Olympic Village.

What the Japanese authorities really do, and this saves part of the population from overheating, is the fact that in the streets there are already everywhere installed systems for cooling passers-by. At the exhibition, however, more powerful devices are offered, adjusted already taking into account the unprecedented present heat.

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