How doctors managed to resuscitate a person six hours after death

Audrey Mash, a 34-year-old British tourist, was walking with her husband in the Catalan Pyrenees when the woman became ill. The husband called rescuers, but, apparently, the place was not very accessible and help arrived only a few hours later.

All this time Audrey had no pulse, no breathing and no signs of life in general. It is not clear from the Lavanguardia report if the husband tried to carry out the resuscitation on his own, but in any case he did not succeed. By the time the rescuers arrived, the woman’s body temperature was 18 degrees Celsius and she looked like a dead woman, and, in fact, she was.

In the clinic where the woman was admitted (or is it more correct to write about the body?), The system of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) was used, with the help of which cardiac activity was still restored.

To the surprise of the doctors, the resuscitated patient did not experience any neurological complications other than loss of finger sensitivity.

According to an employee of the clinic, Eduard Argudo, the key factor for the resuscitation of the British woman was her brain condition. “There was a rapid cooling of the brain, and its need for oxygen dropped sharply even before the cardiac arrest,” he said.

Cases of resuscitation of a victim with such a prolonged cardiac arrest are extremely rare, this happened for the first time in Spain.

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