How does the autopilot in the Tesla

Cars Tesla Model S and Model X is equipped with an autopilot system which provides the traffic on the streets without a driver. The manufacturer has published a video about how the world sees the automatic control system.

The video combined images from four cameras. Three of them demonstrate how the autopilot sees the objects in the world, one embodied in the salon, and shows that he sees the passenger.

Cars and pedestrians conditionally highlighted in green and blue road signs – purple. The autopilot successfully detects the border of the roadway and other elements of road marking.

When the car approaches a pedestrian, it reduces the speed. And in the final video, the machine chooses a free space and parked. Actually the person in the driver’s seat of the car with the autopilot is a passenger. He does not take part in management, although at any moment to grab the wheel. However, by law it must be present in the car and carry your licence and other documents. The responsibility for the accident the driver was also not removed.

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