How larger can be tsunami?

Many consider that a tsunami — the most terrible natural disaster because huge waves devastate everything on the way. And it is more terrible to learn how larger can be tsunami! It appears, megawaves can reach skyscraper height.

“Routine” tsunami, such as tsunami of 2011 in Japan — yet most terrifying cataclysm. Megatsunami do “routine” tsunami slight, and it is not a joke. In 1958 the tsunami on Alaska reached height of 525 meters. For comparison, height of the new World Trade Center — 541 meters, and this highest building in New York. Therefore present what large object fell upon Alaska!

Megatsunami are formed when huge objects (a mountain slope, huge space boulders, etc.) unexpectedly fall in water. Because of it are created it is unreal the huge waves much exceeding “routine” tsunami which are born in time of earthquakes.

The Real Life Lore channel sheds light on the improbable sizes of a tsunami which can be formed on Earth:

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