How plants affect our health

Not so long ago many research articles began to appear notes on the impact of plants on our health. Psychologists conducted an experiment, interviewing 1,000 young professionals.

All test were divided into two groups, one of which for some time worked in the office with plants and one without plants. The main part of the task for volunteers was to the definition of care, speed of memorization and reproduction of texts.During the first stage of the test plants was not in the same office. People read the text aloud and the experimenter checked memorizing the last words in each sentence.

These words of the subjects needed to write down in a special notebook. In the beginning of the second stage, the pads removed, and the first group of subjects received potted plants in their offices. Now we need to detect the error text and correct them. But the third stage was the same as the first, but it was necessary to remember the penultimate word.

At the expiration of three stages psychologists, it became clear that the first group who had green plants in rooms on the third surpassed the results of the third stage than the first. And the second group, sitting in the office without plants, managed by 39% worse than the first.The difference scientists have interpreted like this: during the presence of houseplants in humans increases efficiency due to the fact that the stress level decreases. This happens because the brain perceives the pieces of greenery around us as a walk in the Park.

Thus, putting in his office plant, you will improve brain function and increase productivity.

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