How psychopaths and narcissists dance on bones

After breaking up with a psychopath or narcissist, many people think the worst is over. However, these people often do not let go of their former partners easily and use every possible way to keep them in their harems. This stage is called “dancing on the bones” and often occurs after recycling, when the partner has already exhaled a little and is trying to forget what happened as a bad dream.

The purpose of this behavior is to prolong the emotional impact on the partner in order to keep him/her from having a quiet life. During this period, many of the actions and words of such people seem illogical and strange, but this is exactly what gets you off.

How do psychopaths and narcissists arrange a dance on bones?

1. Emotional swings again

– The partner can show love, then hate.
– Today he offers you friendship, tomorrow he bans you.
– He may show up or write you messages in some strange mood.

2. Pings

– Nothing specific, but it makes itself felt.
– Likes on social networks.
– Greetings through mutual friends.
– Messages about nothing.

3. Conversations “heart to heart”.

– Can call you in a drunken state and tell you that he loved only you.
– Suddenly during a meeting you may change the subject from a business question to an argument about a relationship.
– He/she can tell you some invented “secret” about his/her past, such as he/she is like that because of this event.

Discussing you with mutual acquaintances

– Throwing mud at you.
– Telling them about some of your secrets and weaknesses.

5. Attempts to hurt you or pick on you.

– Active on social networks, posting tons of photos with a new flame.
– Whenever you meet him, he’ll point out your shortcomings.
– If you haven’t banned him yet, he may write nasty things to you.

6. Revenge by all available means

– False claims.
– Making claims on the most absurd points.
– Blackmail related to children.
– Attempts to destroy your reputation.

Why do they do this?

There could be a variety of reasons:

– They want revenge.
– They want to show you their influence.
– Just “marking their territory.”
– Keeping you in their entourage.
– Just having fun out of boredom.

If you encounter such behavior, remember that the main bad things are behind you, and the most important step in leaving this person is already done. The dance on the bones – these are echoes, the last puffs. You just need to wait it out, not get emotionally involved, and protect yourself. If possible, don’t contact or react at all.

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