How to Achieve Your Goals: The Challenges and Basics of Self-Actualization

Self-actualization is a process that begins in early childhood and brings together all the needs, desires, opportunities and abilities of a person to allow them to realize them. However, not always the potential of the individual coincides with the results of the activity, which leads to problems of self-actualization. In this article we will look at the types of self-realization, the causes of its problems, and the basics that will help achieve the desired goals.

Types of Self-Actualization

There are several types of self-actualization:

– Personal is the fulfillment of needs and desires in one’s personal life.
– Professional is the realization of needs and desires in a career.
– Creative is the realization of creative potential and development of talents.
– Social is the realization of needs and desires in social life.

Each of these types has its own priorities and goals at each stage of life.

Problems of self-realization

Achieving self-actualization is hindered by a variety of factors:

– Upbringing – it is hyperopedic, the parents’ attitudes embedded in childhood, which program the child to goals that do not coincide with his desires.
– Level of education – in today’s world, the quality of education often depends on well-being, not on IQ scores. In addition, the system of evaluation and performance of tasks according to a template does not contribute to the development of creativity and the ability to find alternative solutions.
– Social factors – it is public opinion, traditions that force people to choose ways to achieve goals and change priorities not in their favor.
– Physical limitations – it is much more difficult for people with disabilities and people with poor health to adapt in society, to realize simple desires and needs.

Basics of self-realization

To achieve self-actualization, the following steps must be taken:

1. Work through your phobias and fears that keep you from developing and create doubt in your decision-making.
2) Ignore manipulation and outside pressure.
Learn to find ways out of difficult situations and overcome difficulties.
4. Love yourself and respect those around you.
5. Recognize your own and others’ mistakes; eliminate self-criticism and unconstructive self-criticism. 6.
6. Control oneself reasonably.

Besides, it is necessary to set goals and systematically go to their realization. To do this, you can:

– Earn a positive reputation as a professional – establish a good reputation with employers and colleagues.
– Get rid of laziness – only hard work will help achieve success.
– Develop a proper work and rest routine.
– Do not be afraid to express your own opinion that may be radically different from the opinion of others.
– Learn to be social.

Self-fulfillment directly depends on such qualities as confidence, independence, flexibility, ability to adapt and make decisions. It is self-development and self-knowledge that will allow you to find your way, identify problems and cope with them.


Self-actualization is an important process in everyone’s life. To achieve your goals, you need to overcome the problems that prevent its implementation, and based on confidence, autonomy, flexibility and the ability to adapt. Set goals for yourself and move systematically toward their realization, and then you are sure to achieve the desired result.

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