How to establish contact with aliens

If somewhere in the universe there are aliens, how mankind can find them? And after we will find them — how to contact them? And if you managed to establish contact, how then to support the communication and whether it is possible in principle, the exchange of information between the two civilizations born in different parts of space?

Canal Wendover Productions filmed a fascinating video that combines some of the most popular hypotheses about where and how to settle in extraterrestrial intelligence, how to communicate and what consequences it may bring. Of course, this included how the theory of cosmic super-structures that suck the energy from stars, which explains the anomalous decay of the latter (some of them are very popular, even in serious scientific communities), as well as theories about the creatures that will absolutely not fit in our usual ideas about life itself.

The talkback issue also makes you think a lot. Even languages with which we communicate on Earth, do not always correspond to the same rules, and often also include completely different sounds. Likely to understand the signals those who exist in another planet, it would be easier just using the universal concepts of mathematics. Unit and zero, plus and minus, this dualism exists in the entire observable Universe, so potential newcomers can include it in your conceptual framework.

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