How to Live to 150 Years: Scientists Predict a Revolution in Medicine

The latest research by scientists around the world shows that people can live up to 150 years. How is this possible? The answers to this question are given by Professor Dr. Ernst von Schwarz, who in his book “The Secrets of Immortality” discusses the latest advances in biotechnology and medicine.

The key factors that allow people to reach such an advanced age are quality of life and activity. Scientists believe that a combination of factors, such as a healthy lifestyle that includes proper nutrition, regular exercise and keeping the mind active, can make this age possible.

The goal of scientists, however, is not simply to increase the number of years lived. They seek to extend a person’s “period of health,” that is, to maintain productivity, quality of life, and mobility over a long age.

With the development of regenerative medicine comes the possibility of repairing damaged tissues and organs, which in turn can lead to increased longevity. “We have the means in our hands. And very simple things like diet, exercise, making up deficiencies, and then already regenerative medicine, which, if really followed, people can live up to 150 years,” Schwartz says.

But what other methods and technologies can help people live to 150 years?

1. Gene therapy

Gene therapy is a method of treating diseases based on changing the patient’s genetic material. This method can be used to treat genetic diseases such as cystic fibrosis or hemophilia. However, gene therapy can also be used to improve human health and increase life expectancy.

2. Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is the technology that enables the creation of materials and devices at the molecular level. They can be used to create new drugs and treatments, as well as to develop more effective ways to diagnose diseases.

3. artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence can help improve disease diagnosis and develop more effective treatments. This can lead to longer life expectancy and better quality of life for people.

4. Cryogenic preservation

Cryogenic preservation is a method of preserving tissues and organs at very low temperatures. This method can be used to preserve organs and tissues for later transplantation or to preserve a patient’s tissues and organs for the future.

In general, reaching the age of 150 is possible due to a combination of various factors, such as a healthy lifestyle, regular physical activity, keeping the mind active and new methods of treatment. The pursuit of increased human longevity may prove to be far more exciting and optimistic than we could have imagined.

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