How to save a relationship from emotional burnout

A relationship is a complicated process that requires constant attention and care. But what should you do if you feel that your love begins to fade? How do you prevent emotional burnout in a relationship?

According to research, relationships are especially prone to burnout with someone whose personality traits of alexithymia are strongly present. Such people find it incredibly difficult to express their emotions. That is why instead of talking to a partner, discussing problems, sympathizing with their feelings, they prefer a strategy of disconnection, withdrawal, ignoring.

It is also difficult to be in a relationship with a person who has an anxious/avoidant attachment type. People with alexithymia are prone to this type of attachment. Such people, on the one hand, fear and avoid emotional intimacy, and on the other, fear being abandoned. Besides, you run the risk of quickly burning out in a relationship with someone who is bad at managing his or her emotions.

How can you determine if you have reached the point of emotional burnout?

Rate on a scale of 0 (never) to 7 (always) how often you encounter the following when thinking about a relationship:

1. Fatigue.
2. With disappointment in your partner.
3. With hopelessness.
4. With the feeling that you are trapped.
5. With helplessness.
6. With despondency, longing.
7. With a loss of strength.
8. With a feeling of insecurity, defenselessness, failure.
9. With insomnia.
10. With the thought, “I’ve had enough!

If at least one item scored more than five points, you should think about the approaching burnout.

What to do if you notice the signs of emotional burnout?

Communicate with your partner. Talk about your feelings, problems and worries. Don’t be ashamed to express your emotions, even if it is difficult.

2. Find common interests. Try to do something new together to diversify your life.

3. don’t forget about romance. Small pleasant surprises and attention to detail can keep you connected.

4. Don’t forget your personal space. It’s important to have time for yourself to re-energize and enjoy your hobbies.

5. Seek help from professionals if you find it difficult to cope with relationship problems on your own.

Emotional burnout in a relationship can be a difficult and unpleasant process, but with the right approaches and care you can keep your love and happy relationship.

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