How to save the Earth?

Agriculture destroys the soil up to 50 times faster than creates a new one. We can fix this, but will you?

Currently, the processes used by people in agriculture, easily upset the balance between the formation and destruction of soil across the Earth. The reason for this lies in the fact that we are destroying deep-rooted natural vegetation to land required for the purposes of agriculture plants. Along with this, we denude the soil, leaving it more vulnerable to rain and wind. This approach on the island of Mangaia has led to the fact that the first people settled there about two thousand years ago, soon had to fight for the remaining fertile land, and subsequently come to cannibalism.

Despite the fact that people have figured out how to deal with this problem, the introduction of new approaches and technologies is relatively slow. The latest edition of the cognitive transfer Minute Earth you will learn that will allow you to save the Earth and what it is and, accordingly, if we do nothing.

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