Humanity needs to create anti-asteroid weapons

Doctor of Military Sciences, Russian Academy of Missile and Artillery Sciences, Konstantin Sivkov urged humanity to seriously prepare to repel an attack from outer space.

Sivkov believes that the Earthmen must begin to create anti-asteroid weapons. In his opinion, the fall of a large asteroid to the planet poses a threat to the existence of mankind: “Before the danger of the disappearance of man as a biological species, all our geopolitical, the more minor contradictions look like a fight of children for a toy in the sandbox.”

Destroy asteroids expert suggests, sending them missiles with a self-guided thermonuclear warhead. Doctor of Military Sciences believes that the dangerous celestial body can be eliminated at a distance of at least 240,000 kilometers from the Earth, and the warhead’s power should be 100-200 megatons.

“Thus, it can be stated that the creation of an anti-asteroid missile is a technically feasible thing today, no fundamental difficulties are seen here,” the captain of the first rank said.

For the timely detection of dangerous asteroids, Sivkov suggests creating a “system of regular omnidirectional control of near-Earth space.” Management of such a system should be entrusted to the “academic council”, businessmen, politicians, military and “representatives of any transnational structures” should not participate in it, who “put forward cannibalistic theories about the expedient reduction in the number of people,” he believes.

Sivkov believes that “all these requirements are doable,” and the cost of anti-satellite weapons “is great, but not so much that it can not be done together.”

“Rough estimates show that this will require only 25-30 percent of the current US military budget. The amount is uplifting for the world community, especially since it will not be necessary to allocate money at a time, but within seven to nine years, “the expert concludes.

The US military budget for the fiscal year 2018, approved by President Donald Trump, is 700 billion dollars, so the implementation of the Sivkov initiative will require the attraction of 175-210 billion dollars.

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