Hyperloop transport system will connect Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Danish architecture Studio BIG, together with the Hyperloop One has demonstrated how to integrate Hyperloop transport system within the city in existing city infrastructure. According to representatives of the Hyperloop One, over the next five years the transport system Hyperloop could be built in the UAE. It is planned that it will connect Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Hyperloop is supposed to be embedded into existing public transport routes.

The BIG designers are also introduced, as will appear gondolas Hyperloop. One gondola can accommodate 6-8 people. According to the draft, the passenger will be able to choose the type of the nacelle according to your preferences. So will be provided the nacelle for leisure, work and negotiations.



The gondola will move independently on the way to the portal Hyperloop One where they will be combined in compositions, which will move inside the tube between cities at supersonic speed.

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