Ilon Mask called the date of creation of the Matrix

The billionaire said that his new company, Neuralink, is preparing a project to integrate the human and machine mind.

The main goal, which Musk wants to achieve with his “Matrix” project, is to eliminate the monopoly of the state and large corporations on artificial intelligence. According to the businessman himself, a similar project can be carried out over the next decade. Musk wants to start the production of implantable chips that will greatly enhance the capabilities of the human brain.

Musk believes that humanity does not pay attention to the rapid development of artificial intelligence, and it puts all people at risk. “When a man became the most sensible of all primates, it put the rest on the verge of extinction. Look at how few gorillas and chimpanzees are left now, ”the billionaire is sure that this situation can happen again with a man and a computer.

The American publicly for several years already speaks about the dangers of developing artificial intelligence and the consequences of the fact that AI can “become too wise”. This was the reason for the appearance in 2016 of the company Neuralink, which will be engaged in the creation of neurocomputer interfaces.

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