Ilon Mask decided to drill to Washington

Project Ilona Mask The Boring Company continues to deepen and expand. This time, she had to go broke for a few million dollars to buy a second drilling machine and start digging a tunnel between Washington and Baltimore.

The Electrek website reports that the Mask was not just going to use these drilling rigs, but also plans to modify them. Now a huge machine for laying tunnels weighs 1200 tons, its diameter is eight meters, and the length is 120 meters. With such dimensions, it is capable of laying up to a hundred meters of tunnel per week, but this, in the opinion of the head of the company, is not enough. Therefore, Mask said that he wants to finalize both machines, increasing their productivity by more than three times – so, in his opinion, the project will be able to reach a new level. Tunnels will be laid faster, and the payback period for equipment costs will be reduced.

The idea to get rid of traffic jams with the help of tunnels came to the head of the businessman even at the end of last year, and in the spring his company began to dig the first test tunnels and sign contracts for their laying with local authorities. For several months, experts have developed the concept of tunnels, within which elevators and trolleys will be located within a certain distance. The latter will quickly deliver cars to their destination without traffic jams and accidents.

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