Ilon Mask explained his fears about AI

At a meeting with investors at Tesla, which took place on Wednesday, the executive director and founder of the company, Ilon Mask, once again expressed concern about the development of artificial intelligence. True this time, Mask was more restrained in words, compared to his statements, which he made at a meeting with the leadership of the country in the middle of last month. He tried to explain that he was not at all against the development of AI as such.

“I do not call for the fact that we should stop the development of AI, or what the press writes about me,” Musk said in response to the question raised at the conference related to this topic.

He noted that he himself is one of the chairmen and co-founders of OpenAI, a non-profit organization that aims to “find and use ways to develop a secure general artificial intelligence”.

Like the goals of OpenAI, the Mask’s fears are related to the need to develop clear standards for the development of AI.

“The creation of artificial intelligence can be accompanied by some risks, so I believe that the public has the right to at least be informed by the government about these risks, because one of the tasks of the government is just to take care of their society,” Mask commented at the meeting.

Despite the fact that many experts in artificial intelligence research expressed their discontent over the apparent alarmist tone of Mask as part of his communication with the American leadership, among the AI ​​experts there were many who agree with the increased circumspection of the executive director of Tesla. Individual groups even developed basic sets of rules that would be good to follow when developing AI. Here we are talking about the ethical principles of the IEEE and the so-called Alisomar principles presented at the event Beneficial AI Conference 2017.

The main excitement, as specified by Mask, is due not so much to the very development of AI, as to how and who will use it.

“I believe that from artificial intelligence we can get a lot of benefits. We just need to make sure that the AI ​​will really serve the good, and not be a tool for doing some stupid things, “Mask added.

In case something goes wrong, OpenAI Mask will not be the only hope for humanity, which will give it the opportunity to protect itself. His new project Neuralink, for example, aims to integrate the human mind with the machine. If this is not enough, then help should come SpaceX, which promises to move humanity to Mars – a variant considered by physicist Stephen Hawking as the most potential opportunity to avoid an apocalypse involving artificial intelligence.

For the very Mask at the moment, the most important task is to convince the government of a more deliberate attitude to AI and come to the development of transparent rules for its creation.

“Coherence and supervision are two different things,” Musk said during the meeting.

“At least if the government fully understands what is happening, it will be able to decide on its own which rules will be used to ensure public safety. That’s what I’m talking about. “

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