Ilon Mask is going to master telepathy

Entrepreneur Ilon Mask stated that his company Neuralink plans to create a technology for the exchange of thoughts from a distance. He told about this in an interview with the portal Wait But Why.

According to Mask, because of the rapid development of computers and artificial intelligence in the near future people will need special implants to keep up. These implants can be used to exchange thoughts between people at a distance.

First of all, the company plans to develop devices and technologies for people with brain damage as a result of a stroke or after the removal of a cancerous tumor. Mask is confident that the first Neuralink devices should be presented within four years.

“I believe that healthy people will be able to use the technology in 8-10 years (…). It is important to note that this is highly dependent on the time that the regulator will need to approve technology and check it on people, “Mask said.

The businessman founded the company Neuralink in late March 2017. She develops the technology of “neural lace”, which involves the implantation of electrodes in the brain. Thus, people can download and download their thoughts from the computer.

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