Ilon Mask showing his “metro for cars”

Company Boring Company, founded by entrepreneur Ilon Mask, showed a 10-second clip in which you can see how the Tesla Model X SUV accelerates in a tunnel on an electric sled. Earlier it became known that the company Ilona Mask received permission to build an underground high-speed tunnel, which will connect the center of Chicago with the airport.

Although the Boring Company does not provide details, there is a text in the caption under the clip: “Green light in Malibu”.

The clip does not say when it was made, but we can assume that in the frame, a three-kilometer tunnel built for testing in Los Angeles.

Previously, Ilon Mask proposed to implement in the major cities of the USA the project of underground tunnels, in which cars can be lowered to the ground and move on special electric high-speed platforms.

In fact it should be a subway for cars. Such an approach, according to the entrepreneur, can relieve city streets and allow motorists to move around the city faster.

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