Ilon Mask will present a plan for combining the brain and computer

It became known that Ilona Mask’s plans for the creation of a company that will be engaged in the unification of the brain and computer (yes-yes) will be announced on Monday, April 17, in a giant article on the site Wait But Why. Tim Urban, the notorious “chronicler” Ilona Mask, will engage in the presentation. For example, he also talked about the plans of the Mask for the colonization of Mars and about artificial intelligence.

A few weeks ago it turned out that Ilon Mask supported the project to create a company that will develop a neurocomputer interface that will allow people to keep up with the achievements of machine intelligence. Neuralink is now at an early stage of development. Therefore, we know practically nothing about it.

However, we are not so ignorant. We know something. For example, we know that the ultimate goal of the company will be the development of a device (more precisely, a neurocomputer interface) that can be implanted in the brain to supplement (read: perfect) human intelligence. It will help us to store memories externally, learn new skills and languages ​​in a matter of seconds, and prevent diseases like Alzheimer’s. Of course, this kind of work will take time. But Mack hopes to accelerate this development in the course of his work.

Soon after the well-known first details became known, Mask confirmed his plan in the tweet (in general, he likes this business – announcements of important events and key details via short messages). In the same tweet, he also promised that more details will be revealed in Wait But Why in April.

On Monday, Tim Urban’s article will be published on the site, and we will immediately try to convey it to you.

Are we ready?

If you did not know, Mask is not the only one who cares about the future of mankind. Considering the speed with which artificial intelligence studies are being accelerated, fears seem justified. Like Mask, the founder of Kernal, Brian Johnson is now working on a neuroprosthesis that can simulate, restore and improve human cognitive functions.

“The ability to systematically and intelligently work with your neural code is the most consistent and pressing opportunity in the modern world. Everything that we are, what we are doing, everything is the result of our progress, “explained Johnson in an interview with Futurism.

It’s noteworthy that while the achievements like those on which Johnson and Mask work can allow us to team up with the machines, they can also allow us to literally program (or reprogram) our neural code that would allow us to transform so that even hard imagine.

In short, we could change our brains and our cognitive abilities and become other people. The experts are ready. The question is, are we ready, people?

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