Immortal beings on Earth

Scientists for centuries struggle over the secret of eternal life and youth. But one creature on our planet, found a way not to grow old and die.

The only known immortal animal today is the jellyfish Turritopsis nutricula, which lives in tropical seas. This baby has a size of only about 5 mm and has learned how to rejuvenate herself indefinitely.

When an unusual jellyfish reaches maturity, it does not die after breeding, like all its usual relatives. She adapted to return from the “adult” stage of development back to the “nursery”.

The adult jellyfish sinks to the bottom and becomes covered with chitinous “crust”, turning into a polyp. Under the layer of chitin, the jellyfish is “renewed” and again repeats its entire life cycle. And this process can continue indefinitely.

Theoretically, the immortal jellyfish, of course, can die, but only if it gets into the teeth of some predator.

Scientists are exploring a unique animal phenomenon, trying to trace how the process of transforming cells from one form to another is possible.

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