“Impossible engine” runs on dark matter?

For every action there is an equal and opposite action. This formulation of the third law of Newton, there are two very important implications: first, there is a physical quantity that is always conserved in the Universe (impulse), and secondly, the laws of physics are the same regardless of your position in space. It would seem, just a few words, but they are actually huge, because if you want to make, for example, the device to change the movement, you need something to push.

This may be the rocket exhaust, the tires against the road, wheels of the train on the rails or even the photons reflected from the sail. The only thing that is forbidden is so-called ineraid, no movement actions: action without opposition. It represents the EMDrive is “impossible” space engine that recently tested NASA — claims. If it really works as claimed, it violates the laws of physics. But there is a possible loophole: perhaps the response is, we just haven’t found it. Perhaps the opposition has a place, but associated with dark matter.

According to the standard model of cosmology, most of the matter in the Universe is not presented in the form of atoms or known particles. No, the vast majority of the mass — within 5-to-1 — is dark matter. Dark matter is not confronted, are annihilated and no longer interacts with you or with other ordinary matter under any known circumstances, except for gravitational effects. It took 13.8 billion years old, and she formed a giant, cosmic diffuse network of gravitational structures and a huge spherical halo of over a million light years in diameter, which frame the galaxy like ours. Dark matter pervades every square centimeter of our galaxy, including every object on Earth, even our bodies, though in small quantities.

Under certain conditions, however, dark matter can be persuaded to interact with itself or with ordinary matter, depending on its nature. If dark matter consists of wirrow (WIMP, weakly interacting massive particle), the product of its annihilation it would be possible to detect detectors. If it is made of very light, low-mass particles, axions, it can connect to the photon under certain conditions. One of the experiments aimed at the search of axions, known as ADMX: an experiment for axions of dark matter. In 1983, physicist Pierre Sikivie invented axion Goroskop using the fact that the axion-photon pair can be enhanced under certain conditions within the electromagnetic cavity. After twenty years of this study increased ADMX and since then, scientists are looking for axions using this method.

Today, unfortunately, the search has not crowned success. Perhaps axions do not exist or, if they are not dark matter, they may have different parameters for which ADMX is not sensitive enough. Quite possibly, different electromagnetic cavity with different properties could enable interaction with axions. Perhaps the photon-axion interaction can occur and the cavity with the necessary parameters led to the scattering of axions in the preferred direction. Unlikely, but it is quite possible that the EMDrive cavity.

How does it work? At any given point in time, dark matter particles pass through a region of space, do not hesitate presence of matter or other particles of the Standard model. In the electromagnetic cavity photons of a certain frequency jumping in all directions, keeping the momentum and not creating thrust. But if the photons move in a certain direction — for example, in the rear part of the cavity — they can collide with particles of dark matter will be this:

The photon changes the momentum and moving “a little less back and a little more forward” than it was before the collision with a particle of dark matter.
The photon collides with the wall of the cavity, is reflected from it and sends an impulse in the forward direction for the cavity itself.
Particle dark matter gets a boost just in the opposite direction: back.
Momentum is conserved because dark matter takes him away, equal and opposite in magnitude that absorbs the cavity.

If that is what is happening, it is a real breakthrough. Since dark matter is everywhere, we need only an energy source — no fuel to travel across the galaxy, because in any point of space, we’ll find enough dark matter. This means that we get method for the detection of dark matter, which accidentally collides with our particle, and therefore confirm its existence. And most importantly, all this does not violate the laws of physics, because the momentum is conserved.

The results of tests of the EMDrive is still not proven. There are many potential sources of error and the measurements indicate a large uncertainty in how much thrust is produced. It is unclear whether there is a thrust without reaction or response, which we have not yet found.

And the explanation involving dark matter too, will be doubtful, because it requires a lot unknown. But if the EMDrive actually works, using dark energy and the dark matter mystery will be solved once and for all in the most unexpected way, it will be just incredible.

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