In Antarctica have found a bug age of 14 million years

In Antarctica there are practically no insects, there are only three types of midges, but millions years ago this continent was much warmer. And then bugs, one of whom was found quite recently, were found there. In the frozen look, naturally.

The Antarctic tundra bug of Ball as he was called, lived about 14−20 million years ago, and researchers from university of Northern Dakota and Smithsonian institute have found recently two frozen fossils which were peredneraspolozheny wings of a bug. Nakhodka has been made near the Transantarctic Mountains. This died-out species of insects became the first species of the land bugs ever opened in Antarctica.

Insects most likely are relatives of the ancient bugs who were once living in Gondwana, and they can give us new data on how Antarctica has turned into that frozen glacier which we know her today. Presence of bugs means that on the continent some time there were plants, a moss and even trees. The insect could live in zones where there was thawed water and rare vegetation. This find says that Antarctica remained rather warm later millions of years after has separated from the supercontinent Gondwana.

There is a question who else lived there before Antarctica has turned into the ice desert?

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