In Antarctica to build a “Noah’s ark” for ice

An international group of scientists started the implementation of the project ” Protecting Memory of Ice, which is to preserve valuable scientific information stored inside disappearing because of global warming glaciers. In its framework it will create an analogue of Noah’s ark – the repository samples extracted from the mountain of gletherow. It is reported by Gizmodo.

From August to September 2016 glaciologists will work on top of the Mont Blanc glacier Col du Building (Col du Dôme), located on the border of France and Italy. Here they will take ice cores – samples representing a column of compacted layers of snow. They will be stored at the Antarctic station Concordia, where the ice will be analyzed to extract data about climate changes in the past. All will be extracted and transported three core samples with a length of 130 meters. For this purpose the scientists intend to use a helicopter.

In 2017, researchers will conduct similar work on the glacier Illimani (Illimani) in Bolivia. In addition, scientists are going to extract cores from kletcherov in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, USA, Russia and other countries.

Glaciologists believe that due to the increase in global temperatures in the near future will begin the intensive melting of glaciers. Because of this process, information about the temperature changes and atmospheric conditions can be irretrievably lost.

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