In Bashkiria created a 3D printer for printing archaeological finds

In Sterlitamak created a multifunctional 3D-printer. The device is much cheaper analogs. The peculiarity of this model is that it prints archaeological finds. For example, “Sarmatian gold”.

Tomsk archaeologists found a unique dagger of the Bronze Age in the 60s. And his plastic copy was created in 2017 by a resident of Sterlitamak on a 3D printer. And each element of the dagger Igor Denisov enlarged, so as not to consider the details under the magnifying glass, as experts had to do when working with the original.

No less unique is the gold of the Sarmatians. It was discovered by students of the Sterlitamak branch of BSU during the summer excavations in the south of the republic. According to the requirements of the Ministry of Culture, it is prohibited to keep originals without proper protection. But the university found a way out of the situation by making copies on the same 3D printer.

The creation of small figures takes less than two hours. They can be painted in any color, explains the researcher Nail Gimadeev. In addition, the printer itself is capable of printing in two-color format, for example, green and blue.

Not all models are capable of this, the developer says. The main difficulty was to program the printer. Without this precision in the manufacture of parts is not achieved.

Another feature is the low cost of the industrial version of the device – about 50 thousand rubles. While he is in the process of assembling. The working model of the 3D printer is located in the technopark of the university branch.

In the technopark of the university, not only students and graduate students are trained, but also children. The younger generation learns the basics of robotics. It happens that some parts break. Then they are again made on a 3D printer of their own design.

The industrial model will be able to print with Wi-Fi communication or with a flash card. In the plans of the university to introduce such printers in the educational process. Now a special training program is being developed.

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