In Bermuda caught a huge lobster

Crustacean, which was caught off the coast of Bermuda, weighed in at 6.3 kg. Good catch associated with the hurricane, “Nicole”, which swept across Bermuda last week.

Lobster — decapod crustaceans, close relatives of shrimp and crabs. These benthic, or bottom, the animals are found in all oceans of the planet, as well as in poluprecnik and fresh water. Lobsters have poor eyesight, but a very developed sense of taste and smell. They feed on fish and shellfish, but do not give up algae and other aquatic plants, and sometimes other lobsters.

Lobsters grow throughout their lives and therefore can reach an impressive size. It is known that they can live up to 50 years if not sooner will be on someone’s plate.

A giant lobster that was caught off the coast of Bermuda, is likely spiny lobster (Panulirus argus), a species that lives in warm waters, and which has no claws, unlike the American and European lobster.

The world’s largest spiny lobster weighed 20 kg. he was caught off the coast of the canadian province of Nova Scotia in 1977.

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