In Britain tested a jetpack for doctors

“The world’s first jet-powered paramedic suit” has been successfully tested in Britain. As part of the tests, the doctor flew to the scene of the “incident” in 90 seconds.

A paramedic is a medical professional who works in the rescue services. Flight tests of a jetpack for such doctors took place in a national park in the Lake District. The test participant was the founder of Gravity Industries. As mentioned above, he flew to his destination from the bottom of the valley in 90 seconds. If he had to walk, it would take 25 minutes.

The use of jetpacks can be a really useful innovation. The sooner the physician gets to the victim, the sooner he can stabilize him and send him to the hospital.

While the Gravity jet suit can fly for only 5-10 minutes. Therefore, the development should be improved.

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