In California, the desert blossomed

Abundant downpours brought a violent bloom into the California desert. Canyons, sands and barren lands in the Anza-Borrego Desert park are now playing with yellow, purple and pink colors.

After several years of severe drought in California, one of the wettest winters came, according to meteorological records. Precipitation turned the desert into a fragrant park. “Super-flowering” got into the lens of drones flying over the area in one of the recent sunny days.

“This flowering has a chance to become the most grandiose in the last 20 years,” said botanist Jim Dice, managing director of the field research center in the park.

Among the flowering field plants are the bright yellow poppy of Paris, desert lilies, desert sunflowers, primroses, monkey flowers, whispers of bells and poppies, small gold.

As a rule, a deserted park experiences an unprecedented influx of visitors, attracted by an unusually colorful landscape. According to scientists, flowering has now reached its peak, and lovers of wild flowers should hurry if they want to see this miracle of nature.

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