In China, a 10-year-old girl was enrolled in the institute

A resident of the Chinese city of Shangqiu, Zhang Yiwen, who turned 10 years old, was enrolled in the first year of a local technology institute. At the same time, the girl never went to public school, and her parents were always studying her.

During the entrance exams Zhang scored 353 points, which provided her with a place in the university. The young entrant was admitted to the Faculty of Informatics and Electronic Engineering.

For the first time, Zhang Yiwen tried to enter the university last year, but then she scored only 173 points. The father of the Wundekkind is in charge of one of the city’s training centers, but he preferred to teach his daughter at home. Zhang’s family hopes that in the future she will be able to continue her education at another university to obtain a scientific degree.

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