In China, a copy of the robot Boston Dynamics

In China, developed a stepping four-legged robot called Laikago. Externally, the device resembles the development of the American company Boston Dynamics, reports Slashgear. According to the creator of the robot Xin Wang, he is a big fan of Mark Reiber, the founder of Boston Dynamics, so this is not surprising.

Laikago is the first robot of Unitree Robotics. It will be used as an experimental platform.

According to the developer, these robots can be used as couriers to deliver parcels. At the moment, Laikago is not autonomous. The robot is controlled by a remote control. The device has neither lidar nor stereo cameras, but they can be added with additional modules. Laikago maintains its balance even on an uneven surface. He will not fall if he is pushed.

The creation of Laikago cost Xin Wang $ 30 thousand dollars, however, according to the developer, this amount will decrease, if the mass production of such robots.

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