In China, began to produce alcohol from hard coal

The world’s first industrial line for the production of ethyl alcohol from hard coal, built 2 months ago in China, showed its high stability and efficiency.

A unique technology that allows to produce pure ethanol from coal was developed by scientists of the Institute of Chemical Physics, located in Dalian City (Liaoning Province, PRC). The project was developed by specialists of the company “Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum”.

The capacity of the production line is 100,000 tons of alcohol per year. This is a high-quality product – the concentration of ethyl alcohol obtained from coal is more than 99.5%.

The promising technology of ethanol production is particularly in demand in China, in the conditions of a shortage of oil raw materials. Ethanol can be used as biofuel, which does much less harm to the environment than traditional fuels.

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