In China discovered the cemetery by age 2.2 thousand years

Large ancient cemetery whose age is more than 2.2 thousand years, discovered in Sichuan province in China.

The cemetery was discovered at the site in the village of Pahu County Pozzan. Its area is 10 thousand square meters and employs 60 graves, which are arranged in four rows. They found the coffins in the shape of a boat. Length of coffins ranges from 4 to 7 metres, they are made of rare woods, nanimo.

According to archaeologists, the cemetery dates back to the Warring States era (475-221 years BC) and Qin dynasty (221-206 years BC).

During excavations were also found more than 300 funerary pottery, iron, bronze, bamboo. Archaeologists have found weapons and coins. In one of the graves was found a bamboo basket with well-preserved grain and strands of beads.

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